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09/14/2022 - 5 Stars


First off, the view. Next is convenience; train, shopping, food & coffee, just a minute or two walking dist. Building well maintained with great features. Apartments well designed and quiet. Friendly staff.

02/ 25/ 2021 - 5 Stars


Absolutely love living at Park Ave West. The staff are amazing and always ready to serve with a smile. The views are fantastic, and this building has stunning floor-to-ceiling windows in each apartment. The building is so quiet, I never hear my neighbors. The doggie treats in the lobby are an extra sweet touch. Love the 24 hr security and easy access to cool places like Pioneer Square, Nordstrom's, Target, Starbucks, etc. Highly recommend Park Ave West.

09/ 14/ 2020 - 5 Stars


My boyfriend and I had recently moved here, we didn't get a chance to see it in person (just a FaceTime tour) but it was beautiful! The sunsets and sunrises are also beautiful with the windows. The apartment gets a lot of natural light, we loved our open floor plan, and it's pet friendly. The location was also perfect since we had just moved to PDX. Also super close to public transportation and a lot of stores!

09/ 11/ 2020 - 5 Stars


Great building. Everyone in the management office is super nice and helpful.

07/ 01/ 2020 - 5 Stars


I really love all the staff at Park Avenue West. They were always so polite and nice and caring and I felt like they were real friends. I feel like things were well-managed here and overall it was a positive experience. Thank you!!

08/ 02/ 2019 - 5 Stars


I’ve lived at Park Avenue West for over a year now and it’s been a wonderful experience. Joy and the leasing staff are kind and helpful. The space is well designed and the amenities are excellent. Highly recommend to anyone moving into downtown!

03/ 01/ 2018 - 5 Stars


We've lived in this stunning building for the last 15 months, and I can honestly say it's going to be that one apartment that I look back on when I'm older with the most nostalgia.

We have a corner one bedroom with wrap-around windows, and I don't think there's a better view from a building in Portland. Every plant I own is the happiest and thriving from all the natural light, and the overall spaciousness that comes with this many windows and 11 foot ceilings is a dream to live in.

We bought a house (woohoo!) and leave this gorgeous place in one week, and I've already shed a few tears just thinking about it. If you don't mind spending a little extra for luxury, this is definitely the best building in Portland to live in (and we looked at a lot of places before deciding).

02/ 28/ 2018 - 5 Stars


I've lived here for about a year and it's wonderful! This is the first time I've lived in an apartment and I can't believe how quiet and peaceful it is. Chip, Joy and the rest of the staff are so friendly with the best excellent customer service. The building is dog friendly and filled with a lots of dogs and owners. Dogs get a treat each time they come in the building.

I also love the location and my view! I highly recommend PAW. It's a great place to live.

05/ 03/ 2017


I lived on the west side of Portland in the suburbs for over ten years. About two years ago I made the decision that I eventually would move Downtown. On the weekends I started looking at different apartment buildings in the Pearl District and SW. My office is right off of Broadway in the heart of the Central Business District. I watched Park Avenue as it was being built. I am a commercial real estate broker that has a great appreciation for architecture design and high end construction.

Once Park Avenue was completed I decided to tour. As soon as I walked into the lobby it felt like home. From the fire place, to the iconic Zell Brothers clock (my mother worked there when she was pregnant with me, the jewelry store used to be where Park Avenue is now), to the wood decor, the lobby felt sophisticated and inviting at the same time. The service of the property management was above and beyond any other property I had toured. I knew right away that Park Avenue was the building I wanted to live in. I had never rented an apartment before, and the entire process was new to me. Aside from being the nicest apartment building I had toured in Portland, the staff demonstrated the highest quality of service and detail.

The building's amenities are some of the nicest in the city. The community area, and building gym are the highest quality I have seen in any office or apartment building. The location can't be beat either, with Directors Park being right outside it gives Park Avenue the Portland community vibe in one of the most central locations the city has to offer.

As a real estate broker I did my homework on the Portland apartment market. There were apartments I looked at that were not as nice that were actually more expensive. Like many people from Portland I am all about value, for what you get, Park Avenue can't be beat.

I felt quite fortunate that I secured my unit when I did, as it seems that days after I leased my space the building started filling very quickly. All of the residents I have run into at the property have been friendly and a pleasure to meet. The building views are one of a kind to say the least. I am very happy with my decision to make the move here, and I am glad to call Park Avenue West my new home! For anyone interested in living in Downtown Portland at the nicest building, with the highest quality of service I highly recommend Park Avenue West.

05/ 02/ 2017


I am writing you to detail my experience dealing with the Park Avenue West leasing office today.

As a perspective (now future) renter who is relatively new to Portland (and this side of the country), I could not have been more impressed by the effort and attention I received from Joy Pope this afternoon.

After speaking on the phone this morning, Joy went above and beyond the call of duty in taking photos of the unit I was inquiring over and getting them to my inbox (almost immediately) after our initial discussion. Throughout the day, Joy's exemplary service continued as she walked me through the application process & answered my plethora of questions in a timely and kind manner. I was utterly blown away by the attention and professionalism I received from Joy.

As a twenty-something tenant gainfully employed in a new city, I'm thrilled to be bringing my business to Park Avenue West; enjoying this next chapter within the confines of such an awesome building with an even more awesome staff is all anyone can ask for!

01/ 01/ 2017 - 5 Stars


Yes, other places in Portland have beautiful views and are nicely laid out with nice interiors. But it is a no-brainer… especially if you like activities and being able to walk half a block to everything you need. It's perfect for both people that are local ( looking for a new home) and for out-of-towners, like us, this is the place! We moved from across the country, without even actually taken a tour of the building.

Sure it may seem like a leap of faith, but the reason is very clear. What REALLY separates Park Avenue West from ALL other places is how wonderful the staff have been. So much so that it motivated me to write my very first Yelp review.

Taylor, Denise, Katie and Paris, Jerry, Norma (in no particular order…all super) have been friendly, responsive, communicative, helpful, thoughtful, understanding and genuinely nice!

They have been spot on with all of their recommendations for restaurants, stores, directions and overall help.

Being from out of town we did look at other buildings (including Block 17). I'm not the "Debbie Downer" type, and I have a hard time being critical but come on, taking well over two weeks to respond to me just became unacceptable. When they did contact me, I felt like I was wasting their time. I never felt like that with Park Avenue West.

I can't use enough words and expressions to say how wonderful they have made our move. IMHO, they should be completely 100% full and I feel very fortunate to call this my new home. I never want to leave.

All new properties have Growing Pains, but in those rare moments, again the staff is lovingly bending over backwards, always with a smile and laugh and friendly face to make sure that all residents are satisfied. I personally witnessed how they are with other residents too and they are impeccable.

For example a recent issue came up, which could've taken (oh I don't know, maybe 2 weeks :0…humor intended) to resolve, but the staff reacted immediately and had it resolved in record time.

Whew… Like I said this is my first review . Yelp said that I wrote my pants off which is a complete understatement! However, the staff are really that good! Kudos to them.

08/ 16/ 2016


My experience here at Park Avenue West has been incredibly positive. The staff, the building, and the location are all THE BEST The residences are brand new, incredibly clean and high-end in style. Appliances, windows, doors, etc. are all high quality and function well. The building exterior and interior common areas are kept sparkling by Park Avenue's amazing maintenance and housekeeping crew. Since the location which is amazing is right downtown, I appreciate the safety of the building. I work from home by myself and I love knowing that the building is secure. Having a friendly concierge desk and security on staff to handle guests, deliveries, etc. is incredibly helpful. It is definitely a perk I wasn't looking for in an apartment, but appreciate every day. The interior is gorgeous with expansive windows, beautiful hardwood floors, top-notch appliances, and tasteful hardware. Although we just have a 1-bedroom, we enjoy plenty of room for my home office, dining, living area for entertaining and a bedroom that is private when guests stay. I can't decide if the views and style of the apartments are the best thing about Park Avenue West living, or the location, but both are incredible. JUST STEPS from The MAX, the Streetcar, the Food Carts, Powell's, theaters, the Portland Art Museum, green spaces, clothing boutiques, grocery including Whole Foods, salons, banks, healthcare, restaurants, coffee name it Everything is in within walking distance. Although secure garage parking is available, we rarely need to use our car. The leasing office staff is fantastic. Each day they say hello and ensure you feel at home. I don't have buyer's remorse like I have with other buildings, where leasing agents only seem concerned with getting apartments filled, but do little to make your day-to-day living enjoyable. Park Avenue is truly committed to an enjoyable residence experience. They, along with the maintenance crew, are incredibly responsive to your needs and work to make everyone feel special and attended to. The price is not out of league to the surrounding area. It is well worth it. I believe you get a lot for what you pay. Let's be neighbors.